Industrial Access - Glazing

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Small teams of rope access technicians with portable ActSafe equipment can complete glass replacement projects with minimal impact to the buildings tenants and the surrounding neighbourhoods at competitive prices. For these reasons we are now seeing this work method executed on almost every continent.

A team of rope access technicians from Industrial Access in London, UK are pictured above using 4 ActSafe ACX ascenders for personal lifting each team member. They accompany the glass panel on the ascent and guide and seal it into its final position 190m above the ground. Glazing operations at these heights are impossible to accomplish with the use of tag lines and would take hours of manual ascent without the use of power ascenders. The ActSafe ascenders reduce the time of ascent to less than 10 minutes.

Watch an example of their work here

Check out @industrialaccess and #actsafe on Instagram for more examples!


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