ActSafe ACC Ascender plays leading role in Volvo Trucks TV commercial

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Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks, was his own stuntman in a film showing the new Volvo construction truck coping with stresses far greater than it would normally be exposed to. In the film a hook was attached to the front of the truck and the entire truck was pulled up into the air using a crane. Claes Nilsson was then quickly pulled up and positioned on the front of the suspended truck.

Thomas Olofsson, CEO at V.Pro AB said

"Because we were using the ActSafe ACC rope winch, we could do this safely in spite of the extreme height. We started by making a risk analysis and by finding an efficient and safe working method that Claes felt 100% safe with. Before filming, Claes was given enough information for his leading role and our safety manager kept a close watch throughout.

The ride up and down was fast and safe. I was in charge of the ActSafe winch and hung a couple of metres above Claes. I could control both communication and safety at the same time.

One of the major advantages of using ACC in our risk analysis was that our safety manager on the ground could bring us both down using remote control in case of an emergency. Using the ActSafe ACC was an obvious choice in this project as it allowed us to position Claes at an extreme height, even though he had no rope access training. All Claes had to do was ride up and concentrate on his role standing on top of the truck."

ActSafe are proud to be able to demonstrate the capability of the ACC in this unique and challenging environment and thank V.Pro AB for the opportunity.


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