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ActSafe is proud to pronounce its collaboration with Rescue Center Denmark for approved training with the ActSafe Power Ascenders.

Together with our Danish distributor, Zülau A/S, ActSafe has started a collaboration for training with Rescue Center Denmark, which is placed in one of Denmark's wind hubs, the city of Esbjerg. This training centre is among other things an approved GWO training facility and will now further expand its product range with an ActSafe Equipment Lifting course and an ActSafe Personal Lifting course.

"We are really happy about this opportunity", says Bjarne Knudsen, Head of Department at Rescue Center Denmark. "We already have a good collaboration with the wind industry regarding the GWO Basic Safety Training. ActSafe is an extra opportunity for us and for our clients."

The Danish distributor, Palle Zülau, explains: "With this collaboration we can now offer our clients a complete solution."

Rescue Center Denmark will start with offering ActSafe courses targeted the wind industry, but strongly intend to design courses for all the many different usages there are for the Power Ascenders, whether it be building maintenance, rescue, inspection, or other.

The clear benefit of this new set-up will be the professional training by an accredited institution and a continuous development of courses in close collaboration with ActSafe and Zülau A/S in Denmark.

For more information about Rescue Center Denmark and their courses, please click here.

If you have general questions about training on the ActSafe Power Ascenders, please contact ActSafe at

For questions regarding the ActSafe Power Ascenders in Denmark, please find more info here.


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