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A revolution in working at height and depth.

The battery-powered rope ascender ActSafe ACC II enables revolutionary working methods for safe and ergonomic work at height

This powered rope ascender with its optional remote control offers quick, safe and reliable access to heights or depths

Our unique rope grab system enables quick safe rope handling with very short set up time

ActSafe ACC II - A cutting edge power ascender

Easy to use, high-performance Rope Grab system
Wireless remote control for safe and versatile operation
Straight-forward, durable design

The standard rope grab system allows static / semi static rope 10-13 mm EN1891.

Max Working Load
The Safe Working Load (SWL) is 200kg. When used in a rescue situation with properly trained personnel the total load must not exceed 250 kg. However, if the load superseeds 265 kg, the overload is monitored electronically and the power is automatically switched off.

Ascent and Descent Speed
The speed of ascent and descent can be continuously adjusted from 0 to 22 meters per minute. Speed and direction is controlled with one hand, you have always one hand free.

Emergency Descend Speed
If the battery runs out of power during ascent or descent the emergency descender can be used in order to get down. The descent speed is controlled by the operator.

Battery Capacity
Around 200 meter with 120 kg load per battery. The capacity of the battery depends on the load, ascending/descending speed and temperature. Low temperature will result in less capacity.

Charging Time
The time to charge an empty battery is around 3,5 hours. If necessary the charging cycle can be interupted after 1 hour, the battery will then have around 80 % of its capacity. This high power lithium ion battery can be charged at any time, no so called memory effect will reduce the battery capacity.

Temperature Range
-20C to + 50C

15 kg excluding external battery

40 x 30 x 25 cm

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Every Actsafe ascender is built by an experienced technician in our workshop based in Lindome, Sweden.
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