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make a tough job easy

The ActSafe PME Power Ascender is a rugged tool for hard work. Scorching heat or biting frost doesn't matter. This is a Heavy-duty tool made for professionals.

It is powered by a strong and lightweight 4 stroke Honda engine and best described as a personal elevator that climbs a standard rope. It allows you to work faster and more ergonomically at height.

It is a lightweight alternative to other lifting equipment. An already high lifting capacity that can be further extended by a pulley system makes it ideal for lifting/dragging material and equipment.

Easy to use, high-performance Rope Grab system
Powered by a strong and light weight 4-stroke engine
Excellent lifting capacity and ascending range

Static / semi static rope 10-13 mm EN1891 (11 mm preferred)

Safe Working Load
200 kg.

Max Working Load (rescue only)
250 kg.

Ascent Speed
0-17 meter per minute with a load of 120 kg.

Descent Speed
Not applicable. The PME Power Ascender goes only in one direction - up. A setup including a descending device such as e.g. the Petzl ID is required in order to work in two directions
Working temperatures: -20 to +40 degrees

On a full tank of fuel the range with 120 kg load is 700 meters.

10.4 kg
Dimensions: 47 x 25 x 28 cm

4 stroke

Recommended Fuel
>95 octane unleaded gasoline.

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Every Actsafe ascender is built by an experienced technician in our workshop based in Lindome, Sweden.
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