Important Safety Updates for ActSafe ACC Power Ascender

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Mars 25, 2009

It has come to our notice that descending on a curled tail rope may at worst force the rope off the rope grab, resulting in a free fall. This risk arises when there are over five turns per metre, i.e. not just a few twists in the rope. In order to stop this happening the cover around the rope grab must be replaced with a new model. The new cover has a different design for the plastic rope guide, which will prevent this dangerous situation arising.

ActSafe will supply these new rope-grab covers free of charge, and we would ask distributors to forward them to end users together with this information. It is most important that this rope-grab cover be replaced with the new model.

End users must also be informed of the necessity of a back up rope when using an ascender. Use of an ascender without a secondary fall arrest system is prohibited.

It should also be pointed out that rotation must always be avoided when working in a rope, either by a second person on the ground holding on to the secondary rope or by using a fixed guide rope. Rotation when working in a rope is the main reason for curling of the tail rope. Rotation can not only curl up the tail rope but can also make the person in the rope pass out. Rotation must be avoided!

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